• Movable Live Chat Button

    Set up your chat button (or a chat hyperlink) in any Internet communities. Any Internet users can chat with you instantly after reading your messages or articles posted in any websites inlcuding forums, blogs, auction sites,and social networking websites, and your own site.

  • Easy Way for Messaging

    Anyone can chat with you or leave you a message by visiting your U5Me url: http://yourname.u5me.com

  • Interactive Self-PromotionTool

    Leave your U5Me url in your websites, job search or freelancer jobs sites, or resumes. Let your customers or potential employers live chat with you.

  • Convenient IM Solution

    If you have a facebook chat account but your friends don't. Now you can tell them: "Reach me at http://myname.u5me.com".


  • Live chat

    Chat with visitors in real-time and provide live assistance to visitors when they need help.

  • Skype to Phone

    If a visitor provides a phone number during a chat, the operator can use U5ME to connect Skype to call the visitor directly.

  • Compatible with Most Browsers

    Include Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Firefox.

  • Knowledge base management

    You can store questions and solutions frequently used for visitors, sort them into specific folders, and send them to your visitor instantly.

  • Instant usage

    You can set up U5ME within 2 minutes. No need to set up any server and there's no setup fee or contract . Visitors don't need to download/install applications or sign up. Anybody can login at will.

  • Visitor IP Blocked

    Block IPs of vicious visitors. When you block IPs successfully, you can monitor the number of blocked visitors in a blacklist.

  • Visitor's activities status

    Display the status of visitors' activities, including calling and chatting, and time information.

  • Screen Cupture

    You can capture any screens and transfer them to whom you are chating with.

  • Customizable buttons

    Upload customized chat buttons or create your own design and use them for your chat buttons.

  • Movable Chat url or button

    Paste your U5Me chat url http://yourname.u5me.com in any forum posts, blog artitcles, website contents, or resumes. You may make it as a hyperlink, or create a chat button.

  • Support Ticket System

    When operators are off-line, visitors can leave messages in the system and choose a department to reply to them.

  • File Transfer

    Visitors can transfer the files to operators, and the operators can send files back to visitors as well.

  • Unicode Support

    Support different languages for both visitors and operators.

  • HTML message chat

    Send messages to visitors in HTML format.

  • Canned messages

    Save your most common messages for greeting and signing off, etc. This saves time wasted on composing, poor grammar and embarrassing spelling mistakes by operators.

  • Chat history

    Save all your chat sessions and easily review chats online.

  • Personalized banner/logo

    Upload your own images in the chat dialog box for a completely branded user experience.

  • Free and Automatic Upgrade

    You can always use the latest version of U5ME. U5ME system will periodically upgrade the version for you.